Jean-Patrick Tsang, PhD & MBA (INSEAD)
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Igor Rudychev, PhD
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ROI Lecture

Jean-Patrick Tsang, Ph.D., MBA, President of Bayser Consulting

"There are way too many ROI measurement studies going on here.
What we need is an ROI study that measures the ROI of those ROI studies!"

Segmentation and Targeting

Decision Making under Uncertainty

Sales Force Effectiveness and Managed Care Contracts

Patient-Level Data - Overview and Analyses

Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm: The SAGA

If you have a bent for advanced and cutting-edge techniques, you may be interested in our training on "Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms: the SAGA". This is not the traditional shut-up-and-listen lecture. It is a hands-on workshop with theory boiled down to its essence, lots of examples, training on the computer using simulated annealing and genetic algorithms pieces of software, quizzes, debates, and discussions.

To get a flavor of the material covered, take the quiz (available for free download). Download SAGA quiz. Our SAGA training can be tailored either for one full day or half a day. You can elect the venue to be conveniently your premises. Contact us for more information and to set up a training session.