Jean-Patrick Tsang, PhD & MBA (INSEAD)
Tel: (847)920-1000

Igor Rudychev, PhD
Tel: (847) 679-8278

Sales Force Tools Development
Software Development

Unlike traditional software development houses, our strength resides not only in writing efficient and nice-looking applications, but also in developing really user-friendly tools. The friendliness stems from two sources. First, a solid understanding of the issues at hand in addition to the dynamics of the healthcare marketplace. Second, we understand and leverage the psychological and cognitive components that we, human beings, wield when processing information.

As an example, we always strive to minimize the "got-it" time (the time that elapses between the time we are presented some information and the time we nod or say got-it) and display all the key information that participate in the inferential and decision-making process. We also use pictures and charts profusely. Indeed, 70% of our neurons are dedicated to graphic processing, hence the proverbial picture being worth 1000 words.

Ultimately, a great piece of software boils down to two things: the skills of the developer and the software development environment/tools. Regarding the latter, we use primarily Visual Basic 6.0 because it allows us to develop powerful and robust applications in a short amount of time. Take a look at the application examples in the products section of the web site and download the slot machine tool. They will give you a good idea of our offering. 

The best part is our pricing is unreasonably reasonable.

Below the most common tools we deploy in our applications:

  • Visual Basic
  • Excel, Access PowerPoint, Outlook VBA
  • SAS, SQL Server 7.0/2000
  • Active Server Pages/VBScript
  • ESRI MapObjects, MapInfo, MapPoint