Jean-Patrick Tsang, PhD & MBA (INSEAD)
Tel: (847)920-1000

Igor Rudychev, PhD
Tel: (847) 679-8278

Examples of Work:

Drug Utilization

  • Compliance and Persistence, LOT, LTV, lifetime value of a patient
  • Sources of Business (SOB)
  • Concomitancy, Dosing, Titration, Mono vs Combo Therapy, Path of Therapy
  • Off-Label

Opportunity Identification

  • Sources of Business
  • Line of Therapy
  • Unmet Needs


  • New Patient Starts vs Continuing
  • KOL, Spheres of Influence, Molecular Targeting
  • Hospital Retail Spillover
  • Based on Patient Profile

Promotional Spend

  • ROI of DTC campaigns
  • Evaluation of C&P Programs
  • Optimization of Sample Allocation
  • Promotion Response
  • Promo Mix Optimization (e-detailing, M&E, dinner meetings, conferences, speaker program)

Sales Forecast

  • Predictive Modeling based on drug adoption patterns

Business Strategy Development

  • Strategic Alliances, M&A
  • Co-promotion Opportunities
  • Market Assessment
  • Assess Current Dynamics
  • Identify market to compete in

Patient Flow Analysis

  • Map out maze of healthcare providers
  • Referral Patterns
  • Movement within Hospital

Health Economic - Outcomes Research

  • Cost-Benefit Analyses of Drugs
  • Impact of co-pay on C&P
  • Co-pay and Plan Pay
  • Price Elasticity, Pricing
  • Evidence-based Medicine

Clinical Trials

  • Physician Recruitment based on Patient Profile
  • Patient Recruitment Criteria
  • Evaluation and Tracking

Sales Operations

  • Incentive Compensation (based on indication)
  • Influence Mapping and Field Implementation
  • Hospital Sales Force Optimization based on Hospital True Value (Hospitals Sales + Spillover)