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Compliance & Persistence

“Drugs don’t work if people don’t take them” 
C. Everett Koop Former U.S. Surgeon General

Patient-Level Data allows to measure compliance and persistence of the patients.  

Importance of Compliance

1. 125,000 people die annually because of non-compliance
2. Non-compliance kills more Americans each year than accidents, influenza and pneumonia combined, and costs the society over $175 billion
3. ½ of the prescriptions written for chronic disease states are never picked up
4. Only one third of the patients are said to comply with recommended treatment
5. $43B of pharmaceutical sales are lost annually because of non-compliance
6. Every percentage point of compliance for statins is worth $73M
7. Non-compliance accounts for 10% of hospital admissions at an annual cost of $15.2 billion, represents 23% of nursing home admissions at an annual cost of $31.3 billion, and costs payers an estimated $100 billion annually

Measuring Non-Compliance


Measuring Non-Persistence