Jean-Patrick Tsang, PhD & MBA (INSEAD)
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Igor Rudychev, PhD
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About Bayser

Bayser is a Chicago-based management consulting firm that specializes in sales and marketing analytics for pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostics manufacturers.

We use techniques from Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Statistics,  Economics, Finance, and Marketing to analyze our clients' needs, build models, and develop recommendations.

We are bilingual in the sense that we are fluent both in the technical and the business areas. Our ability to bridge the gap between those two worlds is actually one of our key assets.

As a company, we pursue two inter-related goals. First, offer impeccable service. Second, build a sales and marketing optimization science that helps us better help serve our customers.

Key Practice Areas:
Issues Addressed:

Corporate Strategy

Industry Landscape & Competitive Intelligence
Portfolio Optimization
Licensing & Deal Structuring
Corporate Data Strategy
Patient & Consumer Level Corporate Strategies
Impact of Training on Sales

Sales Force Optimization

Patient-Level Segmentation and Targeting
Sales Force Alignment
Incentive Compensation
Call Planning
Call Efficiency & Sales Response


Managed Care

Pull-Through Opportunity
Rebate Optimization
Impact of the Formulary Status on the Market Share
Plan-Plan Spillover
Managed Care Contracting Optimization
Analysis of Tier impact on co-pay and market share using APLD
Control & Spillover Measurement

Product Management

Data Cleansing & Fuzzy Matching
Interactive and Thematic Mapping
Product Life-cycle Optimization using APLD
Early trend identifications
Impact of marketing programs
ROI of Consumer Programs
Computer & Card Games
Custom Software Development

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