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Data Analysis Services

Identification and Evaluation of the Data Sources

Our Value Proposition - Three Situations

Situation 1. You have a business problem to solve but you are not sure what data sources you need. --- Benefit. We’ll tell you what data sources to use and how they will be deployed to solve your problem. If we do not have the answer cold, we’ll research the question and promptly get back to you. We'll acquire data sources on your behalf if you wish.

Situation 2. You already know what data sources to use. --- Benefit. You’ll have the perspective of another pair of eyes. We’ll tell you how we’d solve your problem. In the process, you may discover the existence of data sources you may not know. We’ll also tell you about the caveats of the data sources, how they may impact your analyses and how they may be mitigated.

Situation 3. You have the data in-house and you are currently solving the problem. --- Benefit. Your data may not be perfect. We may improve the quality of your analyses by cleaning up your data. There may be insightful analyses that you are currently missing. This may simply be because of an oversight or because of gaps in the data sources. We’ll point to databases that may enhance the analyses you are conducting. In any case, we’ll help you squeeze out more from what you already have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What kind of business problems do you handle?

Answer. Sales and marketing issues for the healthcare industry: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, biotech, etc. Examples of problems include targeting, segmentation, product launches, sales force sizing, territory alignment, incentive compensation, opportunity identification, pipeline and marketed products, partnership deals and M&A’s, managed care, etc.

Q2. Can you give an example of data sources you identified for clients.

Answer. Let's take just one example. A client needed to build expertise in the oncology arena and asked us to identify relevant data sources to help them better understand and monitor the oncology marketplace. We responded by identifying 20+ databases. Those included physician-level data, hospital, oncology centers, and LTC data, incidence and prevalence data by site and stage, etc. We supplied all 20+ databases to the client and even developed a piece of software that allows all the databases to be seamlessly queried and displayed on customized maps. Click Here for a list of databases involved.

Q3. I want to use your services. How do I get started?

  1. Give us a call at (847) 679-8400 or send us an email at describing to us the problem to address.
  1. We'll identify the data sources for you.
  1. In the likely event you are 100% satisfied and wish to move forward. We'll acquire the data on your behalf if you want us to, prep up the data for analysis and, and run the analysis for you.