Jean-Patrick Tsang, PhD & MBA (INSEAD)
Tel: (847)920-1000

Igor Rudychev, PhD
Tel: (847) 679-8278

Bayser Consulting

Bayser is a Chicago-based management consulting firm that specializes in sales and marketing strategies for pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostics manufacturers domestically and internationally.

Our key practice areas are: Patient-Level Data and Analysis, Corporate Strategy, Sales Force Optimization, Managed Care and Product Management.

At Bayser, we use techniques from Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Statistics, Economics, Finance, and Marketing to analyze our clients' needs, build models, and develop actionable recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts and expenses.

We are fluent both in the technical and the business areas. Our ability to bridge the gap between those two worlds is one of our key assets.

As a company, we pursue two inter-related goals.
   First, offer impeccable service.

  • The Bayser Team is fun and easy to work with,results-oriented, and dedicated to our clients.
  • Although we take our business very seriously, we like to make work enjoyable both for our clients and ourselves.
   Second, build a sales and marketing optimization science that helps us
     better serve those clients.
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